WOLFSKIN’S CURSE Free Download PC Game

WOLFSKIN’S CURSE Free Download PC Game

Welcome to Belorov.

You stay the night in a walled town with your travelling companion. Terrible affairs of the past leave you two lost, left with no choice.
The master of the town has invited you and three others to partake in a banquet on All Hallows’ Eve. But as the moon wanes, the scent of fresh blood can be smelled as a scream punctures the night.
Your companion has been accused of murder: after all, he’s beginning to take on a monstrous form, and the easiest option would be to blame him. The curse brings with it deceit.
Can you prove his innocence to these strangers?
You have until sundown.

Wolfskin’s Curse is a fully voice-acted, linear story. It ranked 13th out of 113 entries in the Spooktober 3rd Annual Visual Novel Game Jam and was produced over the course of September 2021.

Format: Kinetic Novel – NO BRANCHING CHOICES.

Genre: Gothic Horror, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural

Length : ~15k words

Language: English

Playtime: 1-2 hours

WOLFSKIN’S CURSE Free Download PC Game

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