Void’s Calling ep. 2 Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

Void’s Calling ep. 2 Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

“Void’s Calling” – is a visual novel game with RPG elements where every decision you make can drastically change the course of game’s story. The game now contains QTE and combat system is more complex than in Episode 1. Be aware that Episode 2 is very different from Episode 1 in terms of game mechanics.

The story continues. Forlan will meet a lot of new faces, experience new things and go through an array of challenges. Sometimes it’s not an easy task to figure out who’s your enemy and who’s your friend, especially when your life depends on it.

In the second episode we will reveal new dimensions of the World: mysterious forests and rivers, dangerous and enigmatic mountains. Fate will bring Forlan to a lot of new places but his main goal is always the same; he’s there to make sure his close and loved ones are safe from the imminent threat hanging above everyone’s head.
An eternal fight between heart and mind, debt and feelings, cowardice and courage. Every step he takes brings him closer to the point of no return with only two possible outcomes, victory or death.
And only you can help to either save or destroy this World…

To be Pure isn’t always about having clean hands. If you decided to become a mage’s hunter, you’ll see all sorts of things, shitty and bloody things. You just can’t sit idle knowing that the high art that was prohibited by a royal edict can easily cause disturbance to the world’s harmony crafted by the Almighty and let Void enter our realm, can you?

Lone warriors, led by mysterious Call and who go under the name of The Pure Ones, travel around the continent, always looking for those who decided to violate the world’s harmony with the help of their “wonderful” gift. It doesn’t mean a thing whether they’re doing it out of selfish motives, simple curiosity or desire to help everyone.

A man or a woman, all the same. The punishment is inescapable. No mercy for no one! No mercy for no one!

Forlan is only 32 but he’s already seen a lot and it may seem like he’s up to anything the world can throw at him. However, at one point he stumbles upon a small town called Krazengoph while following the call of Void, that place turns out to be a real test to the hunter’s abilites since Void has already wormed its way into the citizens’ souls and poisons them, effect similar to post-mortem poison.

To find a sorcerer who broke the law in the town, citizens of which are slowly but steadily losing their minds and are falling into the cesspool of madness and lust, isn’t going to be an easy thing to do. Will the Pure One be able to cope with it alone or should he look for a help from one of the town’s citizens? Not matter what turn these events might take, there’s one thing to be sure of. Forlan will never be the same after visiting this town, Krazengoph…

Game features:
– Non-linear storytelling;
– Your choices influence the story;
– Beautiful graphics;
– Interesting main story;
– Animated erotic scenes.

Void’s Calling ep. 2 Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

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