Vita Fighters Free Download PC Game

Vita Fighters Free Download PC Game

Not all fighting game characters get to the final roster of their respective game, hundreds of them are cut and sent to the chopping board never to be seen or talk about again. EnterĀ Vita Fighters. The fighting game tournament with the prestigious prize of getting into a real AAA fighting game.

An epic fighting game for beginners, casual and veteran fighting game players. Choose from the initial 16+ playable characters based on different fighting game archetypes and defeat the final boss Boss Titan.

The game features a block-styled cast of fighters partially based on anime, pop culture, and existing fighting game characters coupled with a mix of old-school
and advanced gameplay.

Game Features

  • Free to Play
  • 16+ Characters
  • 15 Background Stages
  • Titanic Boss Fight
  • Sweet Fighting Game Mechanics
  • More content to be added in the future

Vita Fighters Free Download PC Game

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