VDoll Game Free Download Setup

VDoll Game Free Download Setup

VDoll is a female body simulator.
This is an application that you can customize the character and enjoy playing.

Character Customization

You can customize your character’s face and body features.


# Realistic interaction by physical simulation
Enjoy interactions as if you are there.

# Controlling Posture
The body is controlled by a physics engine.
By grabbing each body part and fixing it in the air, the body can be posed freely.

# Playing Animation
You can select an animation, play it back, and view it from any angle you like.
The animation is combined with the physical behavior, resulting in realistic behavior.

# Play where you like
You are free to play where you want. You can move the body anywhere you like.

Support for VR

VR is supported. You can move the body freely owing to a physics engine.

Limitations of VR mode

The VR mode has the following limitations. Please be aware of them beforehand.

  • Hair quality is lower than in windowed mode, because hair is constructed with polygons in VR mode.
  • Physical simulation of hair is disabled.
  • Lumen (real-time software global illumination) of Unreal Engine 5 is disabled.
  • Only windowed mode is supported for character creation.
    First, start in normal mode, create and save your character. Then, start in VR mode and load your character.

About a censoring effect

A genitalia is masked by a censoring effect by default.
However, you can remove it if you do NOT live in Japan. Please install the free ‘Uncensored Patch’ DLC and install it. The effect will be disappeared.

If you live IN Japan, you can’t install that DLC sadly.
This is because of Article 175 of Japanese Penal Code.

VDoll Game Free Download Setup

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