Ultrasclash V Free Download PC Game

Ultrasclash V Free Download PC Game

UltrasClash V is a physics-based, fast-paced, high-octane anime combat!!! Fight hordes of hostile and powerful enemies like cactus head policemen, stupid minionsand giant dinosaurs in a desperate, yet unmistakably hilarious, fight for survival.

In Ultrasclash V the combat is limited only by your own creativity. Choose your fighting style, choose your weapons, chose you powers. Be the powerful fighter you always dreamed of becoming!

The world is destroyed by a cataclysm: the only thing left is the tower stadium called Motivatower. Only the one who reaches the top will obtain any wish, save the heroes to let help your way!

👊Punch Movement System: we created a VR locomotion system that allows you to roam the map using your fists, punching in the direction you choose to move to!

⚡️Special Attacks: Charge up your aura to full power and unleash devastating finishing moves.

☄️Physical engine: we bring you accurate physics feedback in addition to badass sounds and enemies, all reacting realistically to your punches.

🦾MOD KIT Support coming soon…

Ultrasclash V Free Download PC Game

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