TwoKinds Online Free Download PC Game

TwoKinds Online Free Download PC Game

Welcome to the world of Mekkan, where you can live a fantasy life. Based on the comic TwoKinds by Tom Fischbach, you can play as a Human, Keidran, or Basitin and live in a large persistent world. Fight, craft, mine, fish, farm, lead, die. All towns can be player led where the strongest can even be king. Play in a large persistent world with others. Travel by land across the continent or travel the sea by ship and visit the Basitin Isles. There are many places to explore. Npcs and players can share jobs. Npcs age and retire. Younger npcs take jobs based on availability. Have a fantasy life where you don’t have to be the hero. Live the quite life in a small town in the country side. Grow vegetables, build your home, learn trade skills.

Purchasing during early access gets you:

  • Access to the game world beyond the tutorial islands.
  • 12 months of premium membership.
  • Extra permanent character slot.
  • Extra permanent residential property slot.
  • In-game titles.
  • Founder bag with 12 slots of item space.

Premium Membership

TwoKinds Online is free to play with an optional Premium Membership.

Premium Membership is a paid monthly subscription for TwoKinds Online. Premium Membership grants players double the bank inventory space, a permanent character slot, an additional residential property slot, and more!

TwoKinds Online Free Download PC Game

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