Treasure Hunter Simulator 2 Free Download PC Game

Treasure Hunter Simulator 2 Free Download PC Game

You’ve already found all the artifacts in part one and it’s time to take treasure hunting to a higher level! The quality of the second part is revolutionary in every respect. Now you have access to a dozen new unique locations. To reach some of them, you will need special skills or objects. And it’s worth returning to some when the weather changes – then you can see more.

Completely new treasures are there for you to find. These include trash and common objects, but hunt for real artifacts with real history! Some of the finds are part of larger treasures that you can sell for much more money when they are complete.

Depending on the terrain, you can choose brand-new detectors, the characteristics of which you can also change during the search. In addition, use neodymium magnets to extract treasure from the bottom of rivers or lakes. And penetrate hard-to-reach places by first using drones. Search, penetrate, dig, break rock and increase your collection.

In your new headquarters, you will arrange them according to different groups and epochs by creating your own private museum and gaining recognition and prestige in the environment. Through a computer, you have access to the store, stock exchanges, orders, a catalog of your collection as well as mail and a forum where you can buy information or hire an informant.


  • 12 new locations
  • a weather system that completely changes the exploration of the terrain
  • over 100 different objects to find
  • 20 treasures composed of various parts spread out over different locations
  • 12 historical super-treasures
  • 10 detectors with different operating characteristics
  • neodymium magnets
  • drone for penetrating hard-to-reach areas
  • trade of your finds
  • mission and experience system

Treasure Hunter Simulator 2 Free Download PC Game

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