SUSRITUAL Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

SUSRITUAL Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked


Princess Estelle was trying to cure a lingering succubus curse in an old castle with her servants, knights and priestesses. However, not knowing whether she succeeded or not, Estelle fell unconscious. When she awakes, everyone is no longer with her. Brave Princess Estelle is determined to find out what is going on. What awaits her is hope, or is it just despair…?


Explore the old castle, find items that will help you in battle, fight enemies and challenge bosses.

– Combat
You only have a short-ranged sword and long reload time musket., to defeat those brutal and strong enemies, utilizing the melee, range attack with dodge to your best.

– Accessories
Accessories are items that can be found throughout the game. Each accessory has it own unique skill to enhance the princess. Find and choose the right accessories that suit your playstyle.

– Adult contents
Taking damage from an enemy tears the princess clothing. When the princess gets naked (low on hp), Enemies will try to grab you. Fail in defeating the enemy that got you before the sanity ran out will resuit in defeat.
Rape/defeat animation + CG

* Ctrl + F1 turn on/off undead mode (hp won’t drop below 1)

SUSRITUAL Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

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