Solanaceae After All Game Free Download

Solanaceae After All Game Free Download

Solanaceae: After All is a casual gathering/crafting game with a major focus on story, character interactions, and watching sexy scenes! It will hopefully be an easy to pick up game, where you read lots of fun story, craft and cook cute things, and get very horny if you choose to do so. This game is queer, trans, and very, very indulgent.

Join Battam, a witch exiled by all conventional covens, on his quest to make a brand new type of coven with the help of his partner Sal, and his sibling, Satine. Explore a colorful world filled with all types of people and try to create a place where any and all rejected witches can join together to create new kinds of magic, and form bonds that will last a lifetime. Learn more about Battam’s sibling Satine (and watch them repair their shaky relationship), meet new people that challenge Battam’s beliefs, and discover new ways that magic interacts with with the world– all while fighting back against the overbearing Rowan Coven who is trying to stop any and all progress!

This game contains R-18 scenes, with the option to opt out entirely in the beginning of the game for a strictly PG-13 version, if that is what you prefer.

Current features are…
-Gather items to brew cool potions and cook yummy food!
-Sell potions to make cash!
-Give gifts and get to know your coven members!
-A completely original soundtrack!
-2 sexy scenes with comic style art and a LOT of expressions!

Planned features are…
-~100k+ main story focusing on character development and interaction!
-An upgraded gathering/crafting system!
-Upgrade your coven for bonuses!
-A quest log to help you track what you’re doing!
-Lots of good ‘ol achievements!
-10 total sexy scenes with so, so much art…
-Choose which sex scenes you want to see, if any at all.
-Way more lore about the world than the comics have!

About the Creator
Hi! I’m DCS! I’m a queer comic artist and game dev who is incredibly passionate about these characters and world. I’ve been working with them for many years now, and I feel like this game is going to be such a good way to enjoy them if you like them already– or are totally new to them. Don’t feel shy in looking up Solanaceae, as you will find many comics and other games to enjoy while you wait for this game to be completed!

Solanaceae After All Game Free Download

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