Sneaky IT Support Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

Sneaky IT Support Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

Sneaky IT Support is a puzzle simulation game where you find naughty secrets in employee computers. Find their nudes and uncover their stories! Every person has a laptop which needs to be fixed and it is your job to do so – why not to also snoop around while you can!

Browse the computers and look for sexy photos and juicy information! Read their chat messages and emails, and see what sort of person they are. Most importantly, look for any naughty secrets they might be hiding. Every person has a secret. Some are better at hiding them than others.

– File browser to look through employee computers
– Ability to listen to audio files, read through text and see images
– 4 unique characters with their own laptops full of secrets, puzzles and reward images!
– Total of 40 rewards to be found, 10 for each person
– Clever passwords hidden all over the place

– browse laptops and look for clues how to unlock protected folders
– you can guess and try as many times as you want
– there are multiple hints for the same passwords to prevent linear play – reveal the secrets in your order
– read through the content to discover each person’s story and find information which may help you
– your goal is to find 10 NSFW images for each person, 40 total to win the game
– figure out passwords by putting together clues and put together all the pieces to see what is their story

For those that care, this game was made in the Rust programming language, using the Bevy game engine.

Sneaky IT Support Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

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