Project Noah Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

Project Noah Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

Change Noah’s destiny with your decision!

In near future, earth’s resources finally ran out due to the rapid development of civilization.

To deal with resource depletion, humanity laid their eyes on vast space. Space exploration began with lead of “Revision”.

Revision trained and hired various stray animals as space explorer, to give them chance of better life.
Apparently, Revision’s effort to take care of animal rights is well-received to people.

Revision’s smartest dog, Noah#133, is the 133th exploration dog of project Noah.

And YOU are the staff in charge of Noah#133.

Please help Noah, not to be lost in vast space.

Noah, left alone in vast space.
You, watching Noah.
A project, which is going to change the destiny of two. Project Noah

Project Execution and Closure

Your choice will lead you to various endings.A ending is a closure of project.
Complete the project, together with Noah.

Remote Monitoring System

You should understand the circumstances of the spaceship with CCTV and order Noah what to do.You and Noah’s activities will be documented at the end of project.

Survive and Return

Noah is isolated alone in a spaceship designed for mankind.Noah should stand and survive on Noah’s own four paws.

Project Noah Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

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