Plunder Struck Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

Plunder Struck Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

Ahoy their lad! So, I heard ye wanna be a Pirate aye?

Starting with nothing but a small pouch of silver coins, a few old flintlocks, a rusty cutlass and a couple drunken scallywags; Use your skill, wit, and bravery to become the most feared, wealthy, and legendary Pirate Captain to ever exist. Play alone or combine crews with other Player Captains as you pillage and plunder British Colonies, Spanish Forts, Aztec Ruins, Cursed Islands, Enemy Pirate Outposts and more! Hunt for rare extravagant treasures and priceless artifacts, or attack other players and steal the booty from their cold dead hands. Craft weapons and potions, trade with other players, barter with NPC’s, go on exciting quests, Upgrade your hideout, level up your crewmates, and make new friends along the way. You will encounter bloody battles that will be unforgivable and unforgettable, and other times you will live to tell the tales of your glorious plunder and nostalgic adventures.

Thar she blows

Before you set sail, barter with various in game traders for better weaponry. Customize your crews outfits and inventories, and decide who will come aboard with you and who will stay behind to guard the hideout. Now it’s time to voyage to one of the many Islands in Plunder Struck. Our game is not a seamless open world, however we give the player the feeling that is by allowing them to choose from a vast amount of large maps (Islands) each raid. Each Island has unique loot, enemies, landscapes, visuals, quests, and strategies allowing for thousands of hours of replay-ability and discovery.

Dead men tell no tales!

Plunder Struck is all about hard earned progression and player growth. To keep any Treasure found during a raid, your crew must extract from the map through various special locations. Should you die, your gear will be lost, unless a crewmate can haul it out for you. Adversely you can kill other players and steal their loot. Combat is intense, but the rewarding feeling of winning a hard fought battle is glorious. Their are hundreds of weapons in our game that each have a unique feel. You can steal flintlock pistols and muskets and grenades from Imperial soldiers, however by trading with guns smiths you can collect Break Action Carbines, Rifled Barreled Snipers, Hand Cannons, Revolvers and other rare firearms. Their is also a vast array of Melee weapons to use, from Bayonets, to Poison daggers, spiked Maces, and hundreds of others. Melee weapons each do different damage based on where on the body you strike. You can cause your enemies to gain a bleeding penalty or break their bones so they cannot run away. In a prolonged swordfight you can slash at your opponents blade to break it in half. You can sneak up on well armored enemies and instantly and silently kill them with a dagger. You can cut through multiple enemies with a long sword in one swing. When you get to a high enough level, you will unlock the ability to learn curses and spells. You can also craft potions that will boost your health, stamina, and more. Every encounter you have with the A.I. or other players should feel fresh, tactical, and exciting every time. Don’t forget to keep your eye out for Molotov cocktails, Poison Smoke Bombs, Harpoon guns, Bounty Hunters, Demons, and booby traps.

Avast, we Plunder Struck!

What’s a Pirate without any treasure! Plunder Struck features a wide variety of quests that include assassinating targets, guarding areas, collecting certain numbers of goods and weapons, and exploring new locations. The economy is also complex and their are many ways to make money. However, the most valuable items for completing quests and turning a huge profit is obviously shiny, glittery, eye catching Silver coins, Gold Bars, Ancient Artifacts and Rare Gems. Few feelings are more satisfying that successfully extracting the map with a Crimson Gem that only has a 0.01 percent chance of spawning or an Ornate Cross Necklace that allows the player to regenerate health and only has a 3 percent chance of spawning. The constant search for Legendary Treasure is just as exciting as finally finding a piece of it, and the feeling of successfully escaping with it and joyfully holding it in the safety of your hideout is priceless.

Record Breaking Graphics

Plunder Struck features a day and night cycle and a dynamic weather system. These amazing lighting and weather effects will allow you the see the same map look very different depending on the weather conditions. We use extremely detailed and realistic models for our building and nature assets, many of them are photo scanned. We have spent allot of time on our Blood and Gore system, combat is both brutal and beautiful to watch. However the most important aspect is that we have spent allot of time on optimization. Meaning that, the players should be able to run our huge multi kilometer, highly detailed maps, without any performance issues.

Plunder Struck Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

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