PLANET CUBE EDGE Free Download PC Game

PLANET CUBE EDGE Free Download PC Game

Welcome to the Planet Cube! A peaceful, cube-shaped world which is about to be disrupted by an unknown force. After waking up to chaos in the Underwater Weapons Research Facility, the skilled engineer Edge takes to arms with a prototype Photon Blaster. Join his quest, as he treads through the intricate Complex to find out the identity and purpose of the Invaders before they overtake the planet. Can he alone restore Planet Cube to its previous state?

Make way through the convoluted Weapons Research Facility and tear it apart section by section. Fight hordes of invading enemies, dodge hazards, and avoid traps, all while navigating the maze-like way to the surface as you save your fellow Cubemates from certain doom.

Quick responses and agile thinking will be your arsenal in this challenging adventure! Fell into a pit, or got caught by a pesky enemy? Don’t worry! Respawns are bountiful and immediate, and tries are unlimited! Planet Cube: Edge may be tough, but you have what it takes.

The art of Planet Cube: Edge has been crafted with meticulous care. From the distant seascapes of the ocean floor, to minute nuts and bolts of the Underwater Facility, every pixel has been placed with the outmost attention to detail. You’re in for a pixel and animation spectacle, as you traverse the lush scenery, and face the fluid moving enemy sprites.

  • Shoot, jump, and dash! Pick-up and play! Simple but hard to master controls.
  • Tough but fair hand-tailored challenges that will test your skills
  • Mighty bosses across the different themed areas, each with a twist.
  • Stunning visuals and animation for your eyes to feast upon.
  • Pixel art cutscenes that embellish key story points!
  • Battle you way to the top of the leaderboards by beating other players’ runs.
  • Fast-paced action that will satisfy your gamer itches!
  • A rocking soundtrack to fuel your trigger finger
  • More coming soon!

PLANET CUBE EDGE Free Download PC Game

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