PIMP Island Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

PIMP Island Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

All characters in this game are 18 or older

Live like a PIMP on the best island in the world!!
An exciting PIMP RPG featuring 31 characters!

One day, you get an invitation to “PIMP Island”, the best island in the world!
“PIMP Island”, inhabited by hot naked girls, is a dream island where all your fantasies come true!
Get ready for the best week of your life on this tropical island…!

* Popularity
Girls will react to you differently based on your popularity with them.
If they like you, they’ll be friendly.
If they don’t like you, they’ll be unfriendly…
Talk with the girls and send them gifts to increase your popularity.

*Dating the girls
You can date the girls if your popularity is high enough.
The girls all have different interests, so you never know what’s gonna happen!
Things might even get a little hot!

*The ultimate PIMP simulator (and more…)
If your popularity is high enough, the girls will come to you.
Increase your popularity and you’ll be surrounded by beautiful girls!
But if your popularity is low, they’ll run away from you.
You can still catch them, but they won’t like it…
(This game is a PIMP simulator, but there are lots of different ways to have fun, if you know what I mean…)

PIMP Island Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

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