NoiseBox.噪音盒子 Free Download PC Game Latest Version

NoiseBox.噪音盒子 Free Download PC Game Latest Version

About NoiseBox.Noise Box

It’s a game where you wrap yourself up and listen to the noise.In the game, you will create a dynamic enclosed space according to your own ideas. The base of this enclosed space is an openable and closable object, which can be a few blocks, a cardboard box, or other common gadgets.
When open, you can put all sorts of things inside it.
When closed, it is a temporary shelter, with the help of the eyes of the doll Alice, into the inside of the box, and the noise is wrapped

Abstract construction

Maybe you have seen or tried a lot: Pick out your favorite building block from the list and place it in your heart, making it a corner of your ideal world.
But now, you can try to put something in this corner first, you know what it is, but not sure what it specifically looks like, and then wait until the space takes shape When, and then determine their style.

What’s outside the box?

When the box was opened, there was nothing outside, just a twilight.When the box is closed, outside is another landscape built by you.

NoiseBox.噪音盒子 Free Download PC Game Latest Version

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