Night Loops Free Download PC Game

Night Loops Free Download PC Game

『 Hey there~ Ids at your service! 』

Ah yes I may look like any plain ol’ sheep, but in fact, you and I have quite the history.

Anyways kiddo, how ‘bout we make a deal? You help me find what I lost, and I’ll get you out of here! Things’ll be different this time, it’s what they might call a gut feeling. Plus, the fact you’re involved now…

I’ve really said too much…

  • Solve intricate puzzles while befriending the inhabitants of a shadowy mansion.
  • Equip masks to gain the powers of their original owners.
  • Explore the endless mansion that rests at dawn.
  • Unveil the truth about the identity of the mansion master.
  • Multiple endings.

I got a hunch, kiddo…


A game by Jiaquarium
Original soundtrack by s3-z
Add’l art / design by Estella

Night Loops Free Download PC Game

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