Mysterious School Game Free Download

Mysterious School Game Free Download

There is a long abandoned school in the town. It is said that girls cry every night in the dead of night. It is said that a girl disappeared after being sexually assaulted at school. Then there were all kinds of strange things from the school. The students had nosebleed in class. Many girls said that they saw the disappeared classmates in the mirror, and what they released when taking a bath was blood. Of course you don’t believe these strange things, but you heard that the night the girls disappeared, the school suddenly began to build a playground. With a bursting sense of justice, you decide to take your friends to school to explore the truth of the incident that year.

Game play

At present, the game can be played alone or online with friends. If you are afraid alone, don’t worry. We will arrange a beautiful NPC for you to protect you, but you must not touch her.Enter the school, find the place where the girl is buried, and open her coffin. The girl became a zombie because she was cursed. Besides girls, there are also some wrongs here. They will attack you at any time. You need to avoid these monsters at all times, and your camera can temporarily control them. But this is not a long-term solution. You need to crack the girl’s curse. The way to crack it is to find the items used for the curse and use the props in the scene to destroy these items. When destroying cursed items, the girl will become extremely aggressive. In order to carry out this process smoothly, you also need to find a way to appease her. The way to appease her needs you to listen to her. When cracking the curse, you also need to pay attention to the clues in the scene, and collect enough evidence by taking photos and checking files. Let the girl believe that you can help her and send her killer to prison. Finally, you need to achieve the two goals of cracking the curse and finding all the evidence to pass the game.

game features:

Online cooperation of 1-4 people: with teammates, horror games become casual games. The game also provides a unique spoof mechanism, using these mechanisms, sometimes teammates will be more terrible than ghosts.Single player mode: unlike traditional horror games, if you are really afraid, you can choose an NPC to accompany you.
Multiplayer game experience: make full use of the built-in voice chat, expression system and fast voice system in the game. Whether it’s a friend in life or a temporary partner, you can easily complete the communication.
Challenging game mode: each game experience is different, dedicated team cooperation and perfect execution are indispensable, and a single game can last up to 1 hour.
Rich countermeasures: you can use scene items to set traps to trap ghosts, or find randomly refreshed countermeasures to protect your teammates.
Thrilling cinematic experience: advanced face capture and film level light and shadow technology, plus the careful design from a group of talented scene artists, experience lifelike campus supernatural events in the thrilling cinematic thriller.
Custom game experience: all game elements can freely adjust the difficulty to ensure that all players can enjoy this thrilling story.

Mysterious School Game Free Download

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