My Hotel Free Night Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

My Hotel Free Night Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

Free night! This early version of My Hotel lets you play in two different stages of the game. Add My Hotel to your Steam Wishlist and get notified about the full release!

Who wouldn’t want to inherit a large sum of money from a distant relative? What if an aunt gave you a neglected hotel, straight from the 1950s? Will you manage your money and time well enough to stay on top of the fashion trends?

Roll up your sleeves and get to work. Decorate the interiors according to current trends or your private taste. Imagination is your only limit (and also your account balance). Gain experience and unlock new walls, floors, furniture, windows, doors and more!. Each level contains elements styled to suit individual decades starting from the 50s and ending in present times.

Go ahead and arrange your hotel the best you can. Try to delight even the most demanding guests. Choose your walls and floor patterns to create cozy looking rooms and lobby. But don’t forget about yourself, show who’s the boss and take care of your office. The more money you spend and the more beautiful your belongings become, the more prestige points you receive.

The development of a hotel also involves trained employees. Make your job easier by hiring more people. Create a team and remember that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. What features will be your priority?

Whether you choose to build a hotel straight from a horror movie or a place which only the richest of people can dream about – in My Hotel you can become the king of the hotel industry. Discover all mini-games, get inspired and chill out in a relaxing gameplay.

My Hotel Free Night Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

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