Moon Mystery Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

Moon Mystery Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

Everyone knows that we landed on the Moon in 1969. Most people don’t know we returned there five more times, despite it being fraught with danger and almost impossible challenges. You see, the Moon’s haunted and it’s time to return one last time to unravel the mystery of the Silver Globe once and for all.

Moon Mystery is a first-person shooter adventure full of mystery focused on unveiling mysteries, exploring strange new worlds, and dealing with the challenges of the most dangerous environment known to mankind. As an astronaut, survive the dangers that lurk in the dark corners of the Silver Globe, and then… discover what truly lies beneath its gray lunar rocks and beyond.

Humanity’s return to the Moon was no easy feat, requiring state-of-the-art technologies and Artificial Intelligence. Piece together what happened to the previous mission on the Silver Globe alongside the sole survivor, the AI computer. Our first permanent lunar base being the origin point for where everything went wrong. What happened? What do you need to prepare yourself against? Just why did we go to the Moon in the first place?

The Moon is one of the most hostile environments known to man. Put wits and platforming skills to the test while traversing treacherous alien landscapes and vast abandoned bases. Pilot multiple vehicles such as spaceships, radio-controlled cars, lunar rovers, and even a submarine to get through interstellar worlds and solve the many puzzles that await.

While outsmarting puzzles and platforming through the environment is one thing… Dealing with malfunctioning robots stalking the corridors alongside other, more terrifying and mysterious foes, is another. Keep that gun loaded alongside oxygen bottles, you’ll need it.

Moon Mystery Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

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