Mirror Forge PC Game Free Download

Mirror Forge PC Game Free Download

When Sanity Cracks

Mirror Forge is a first-person psychological survival horror game featuring alternate dimensions wreathed in darkness and beings ripped from nightmares. Tackle deadly puzzles. Survive threats both seen… and unseen. Piece together clues from an alien world. Above all else, avoid the grasp of utter madness when reality warps around you.

Inspired by Silent Hill & Stranger Things

Pulling from the science gone wrong of Stranger Things and the psychological horror of Silent HillMirror Forge combines the two in a unique blend of personal horror rooted in reality. The environment, alternate realities, gruesome beings, and plot are built with heavy symbolism in mind. Everything that happens all around the player represents some sort of version of the inner turmoil and psychological struggles of the main protagonist.

Our Story Up To Now

Two years ago, Thomas Jackson made the fateful choice to drive instead of take the bus. A few drinks too many in a night of celebration put his girlfriend Jill in a coma… and their unborn child in the grave. Wracked with unfathomable guilt, Thomas unsuccessfully attempts to end his life. Years have passed and with the help of therapy and medication, Thomas has begun to pick up the pieces of his life.

Tragedy strikes again when Thomas loses his job—his one last connection to a normal life—due to a global pandemic. Reaching out to his now ex-girlfriend Jill, he is strangely unable to find her. In her place, a mysterious tape and a terrifying mystery…

Where is Jill?

Two months ago, three busses full of children vanished without a trace. The authorities are baffled. Chasing the story, Jill and her news team rush to Devil’s Womb Canyon. It all started like a normal investigative piece. What happened? Where are the kids? Why are the authorities unable to find anything? Is this some kind of coverup? All that changed with an explosion, and mysterious blue light.


The game is set in several varying environments starting from gloomy, narrow apartments to open towns, ancient houses, and factories, dead terrifying realities that play tricks on your mind and change constantly to reflect your inner turmoil. Get lost in hellish mazes where your haunting thoughts are the least of your problems.


In Mirror Forge, you are a defenseless, everyman. Use your wits to explore the environment and solve numerous puzzles puzzles. Without a way to fight back, you’ll have to rely on your stealth and reflexes to survive. Investigate the warping reality, trying to uncover what is really happening and where has Jill vanished to.
Death lurks around every corner. Avoid dark entities which roam everywhere around you, deformed and symbolically designed to mock your very existence. Headphones play a crucial part in this game as there are Invisible Entities that you can avoid only if you listen carefully.

Mirror Forge PC Game Free Download

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