MARS 2120 Game Free Download

MARS 2120 Game Free Download

In the 22nd Century, mankind has developed the technology that made manned missions to other planets a reality. Following these developments, the UN-led a treaty, signed by governments all over the globe, to start investments on building Colonies on our nearest planets as means of addressing the issues with overpopulation and lack of natural resources on Earth.

The treaty was a success and the program, codenamed Project: Colonies, produced inhabited colonies in several planets, the first of which Project: Mars, followed by Project: Venus and Project: Jupiter.

After going unresponsive for several weeks, the First Colony sends a distress signal to the UN on Earth which, in response, sends a group of Enhanced Elite Space Marines, led by Lt. Anna “Thirteen” Charlotte, to identify the source of the signal and find out what happened to the Colony.

Inspired by the great hallmarks of the Metroidvania subgenre (such as Super Metroid, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Guacamelee!), players make use of their enhanced abilities to traverse the large interconnected world of the Colony while fighting fierce enemies and challenging bosses with both melee and long-range combat techniques.

Explore MARS: Explore the different scenarios like the Surface of Mars, Caves, Offices, Quarters, Labs and a lot more. Be careful with every living being that will hunt you down. Don’t trust anyone;

Try everything: Unleash your power through melee and ranged attacks that you can alternate at any time. Try different melee combos? Or kill all the enemies with every single shot? Your choice;

Play with your own style: Perform combos by mixing the use of the several attack types that you acquire/upgrade through new abilities and combat techniques as you progress in the game;

Intense Boss fight: Learn how they move and survive their attacks;

MARS 2120 Game Free Download

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