LOOP QUEEN 3 Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

LOOP QUEEN 3 Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

Loop Queen is the final installment of the Escape Dungeon series.

Building on the earlier Escape dungeon games, players will be able to control multiple characters. Play to each character’s strengths and help them cut down their enemies! This finale to the Escape Dungeon series combines the best aspects of the previous games with significant improvements in gameplay and immersion!

◇ Control multiple characters over our new hex grid system.
◇ Nearly 30 interactive Live2D-animated H-scenes!
◇ Zoom in and interact with our massive animated & interactive CGs.
◇ It’s a rogue-lite! Different encounters lie in wait with each additional loop.
◇ Mix and match from 50 different abilities. Try out something new in every playthrough.
◇ Immerse yourself in the story with a fully-voiced main character.
◇ Unlock CGs through multiple means. You don’t have to lose on purpose every time!
◇ Explore the Misty Forest, unlock its secrets, and experience the finale of the Escape Dungeon series!

Queen Illy was spirited away to the Misty Forest by Shalith the Grand Mage on the eve of their defeat to the Demon Lord.
The Sundista Kingdom was no more, but the elven queen had a powerful ability that could reverse their fortunes.

Her orgasms can manipulate time.

Fiara was also transported to the Misty Forest and assigned by Shalith to act as the queen’s bodyguard. She must assist the queen as they search for the legendary ancient phallus hidden in the forest. With the ancient artifact, the queen would be able to orgasm, turn back the clock, and restore their kingdom.

LOOP QUEEN 3 Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

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