Last Kids on Earth Hit the Deck! Free Download PC Game

Last Kids on Earth Hit the Deck! Free Download PC Game

Current status–the world is cuckoo bananas. Zombies and giganto monsters have taken over the town of Wakefield and maybe the rest of the world. Jack Sullivan, postapocalyptic action hero and abandoned foster kid, and his friends June, Quint, and Dirk are the Last Kids on Earth. They live in a tricked-out Tree Fortress of Awesomeness and have to fight for survival in the Monster-Zombie Apocalypse.

Help Jack and his squad of survivors fend off hordes of drooling zombies and strange monsters from another dimension and gain Feats of Apocalyptic Success in the First Episode of the Last Kids on Earth battle-card series.

Last Kids on Earth: Hit the Deck! Is based on the award-winning young-adult novel (and Netflix) series Last Kids on Earth by Max Brallier!


  • Tag-team two character combat with enemies using teamwork-based battle-card strategies.
  • Over 30 quests that follow the narrative of the book series or give you new survival experiences in the town of Wakefield.
  • A variety of cards, including over 60 unique cards per character, quest-based cards, gear-based cards, and location-based cards. Build your perfect battle-deck for each character while getting additional cards based on your quest and battles.
  • Character cards that build on each character’s special abilities.
  • More than 50 pieces of gear, like Rover and the Scream Machine, that each provide different cards for your quests when you “gear up.”
  • Consumables like “Atomic Cola“ and “Sulfuric Stink Bombs” that boost your monster-fighting awesomeness.
  • A crafting Table where you can refill consumables, upgrade gear and even create your own custom cards.
  • A rich narrative that follows the first book in the Last Kids on Earth series.

Jack Sullivan

  • Self-proclaimed “zombie-fighting, monster-slaying tough guy survivor.” Daring, fearless, and a little dorky, especially around June.
  • Jack is particularly strong in teamwork and fighting harder when his health is down.

June Del Toro

  • Expert at kicking zombie butt, slaying evil monsters, and having fun while doing it
  • June is adept at seeing zombie and monster intentions and evading attacks.

Quint Baker

  • Super-rad scientist kid whose inventions form his armory of gear.
  • Quint is exceptional at using buffs and debuffs, and can choose his gear on the fly.

Dirk Savage

  • A former bully turned super-strong monster-battling tornado.
  • Dirk can shield anyone in combat and has very strong attack skills.

Last Kids on Earth Hit the Deck! Free Download PC Game

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