KAIJU MONSTER VR Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

KAIJU MONSTER VR Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

Make yourself at home in one of the five metropolises torn straight out of the 90s
You look at them and feel an irrepressible urge to destroy, don’t you?
Do not hesitate any longer, enter the game and do your work of destruction
But be careful, people living in them will resist sending more and more military units at you


  • Physics – Destroy urban environment based on physics.
  • Resistance – Fight enemy military units (planes, tanks, rocket turrets, etc.).
  • Armament – Shoot laser beams and anti-gravity weapon from your hands.
  • Reverse card – Pick up and throw enemy units to cause havoc.
  • Watch yourself – Manage your energy level and temperature by destroying buildings and water sources (water towers, ice cream trucks, etc.).
  • Variety – Play in five themed cities with three difficulty levels each.

Everyone loves physics in games, right?

Physics based environment is waiting for you to have some fun with it.

It can’t be too easy

Would it be equally fun if the city couldn’t hurt you? Probably yes, but it would also be too easy. So get ready for increasing resistance in the form of diversified military units.

Get to know your new powers

Mankind has moved on and your enemies have become stronger, but remember that evolution is on your side. Powerful lasers straight from your hands or anti-gravity weapons are your new allies in causing chaos!

Physics again! You still remember?

Nobody is immune to it, except maybe you. Are your opponents bothering you too much? Why not use them as an additional weapon and throw them straight at the building.

You are not immortal so be careful

When using weapons, you quickly lose energy. Fortunately, you can easily recover it by destroying buildings or enemies. Additionally, taking damage will increase your body temperature dramatically. Keep an eye on it and cool down by destroying water towers or ice cream trucks whenever the need arises

KAIJU MONSTER VR Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

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