Isles of Etherion Game Free Download

Isles of Etherion Game Free Download

Isles of Etherion is a unique combination of Diablo-like combat, Final Fantasy-like world, and Minecraft-like 100% destructible voxel environment. Explore a beautiful open fantasy world full of floating islands, dark dungeons and much more. Enjoy a tremendously vertical exploration thanks to rudimentary flight and gliding systems with which you will reach the most inaccessible places. Face all kinds of creatures and warriors using different types of weapons and spells that you will find throughout your adventure. Wield powerful magic and combine them in different ways to achieve a variety of effects. Dig tunnels to find hidden treasures, commandeer enemy airships to add to your own fleet. Prepare yourself to face the Elemental Bosses and Demigods. Choose from 7 different races — Human, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Fairy, Angel, and Demon, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Dynamically Destructible Voxel Environment

Explore a world in which everything, including terrain and structures, are dynamically destructible by players, monsters, or natural happenstances.

Airships for Combat and Transportation

Traverse the isles with your own airship, which could be acquired through purchase or battle.

Floating Islands with Dynamically Changing Seasons

In IoE, seasons change dynamically in front of your eyes. Like day/night cycles, seasons add another layer of complexity to gameplay dynamics and strategy.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters, such as Earthquakes, Meteors, Volcano eruptions, Tornadoes, occur randomly throughout the Isles.

Voxel Combat and Spell Weaving

Voxel environment can be altered to your advantage during combat. IoE not only offers a variety of spells but the possibility to spell-weave as well!

Elementally Attuned Cause & Effect

Everything is elementally attuned and the Elements are at war with each other. Casting spells of a particular element will imbue the environment with that element, attracting monsters of the right elemental affinity. So your every action has the possibility of changing your subsequent gameplay experience!

Isles of Etherion Game Free Download

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