HOROS monster slayer and lover of many Game Free Download

HOROS monster slayer and lover of many Game Free Download

“People say it was a miracle I survived. My wounds… they were too deep; I should’ve been dead three times over. I was lying on a pool of my own blood when they found me, babbling like a madman. The farmers were inclined to put an end to my misery and spare me needless suffering, but they couldn’t bring themselves to kill someone in cold blood, so they dragged my not quite corpse to the stables to let me die in warmth and at least a bit of comfort. Except… I didn’t.

When they saw I was not only alive but recovering, improving… they took me to Swingmore. There’s an innkeeper here, a good woman, someone who wants to take care of me, to let me… I don’t know. I don’t know nearly anything. But here I can rest till I’m ready to decide. To decide who I am, and maybe discover who I was.”

This is the story of how you got your new name, Horos, and the man you became with it. The monster-slayer, the lover of many. The seeker of what you lost.


During his quest, Horos will meet a lot of different people – from cutthroat merchants to literal cutthroats, to people more interested in… other parts of his anatomy. While designing the characters, we’ve tried to adhere to the fantasy spirit by adding unique, distinctive features to each of them. Lithe, nymph-like women will stand aside ones with more rotund curves, and you will also find those that are not so easily described.
The innkeeper Lucretia will try to nurture you with her motherly side, Kara, the blacksmith’s daughter, is quite ready to be nurtured herself, and Fabiana, the leader of the Majestic Owl cult… well, you’ll have to find that out by yourself. Mandy is ready to work some magic (the witchcraft kind), Teriani will do as elves do (repeatedly), and Lady Aleneitte will show you what it is that nobles do with their husband’s permission. This is by no means exhausting, but Horos will, by the end of it, certainly be exhausted.


Let’s put it this way: in what other game have you gone from helping a recently resurrected necromancer celebrate her return to the land of th living only to then take a friendly vampire in a threesome with the shopkeeper girl? Of course, this is just the tip (heh) of the proverbial iceberg, but we wouldn’t want to spoil everything for you yet.
And the story part won’t be the only one where we get innovative. The animations will be rendered in 40 frames, the best-looking, more fluid we’ve ever made, and they won’t be just a slideshow. We’ll add some random elements to them, but we’ll also work to make them more interactive than ever – just as a small preview: every position will have its own associated cumshot, so look forward to painting the ladies white any way you like. Again, and again.


We’ve spent a long, long time getting each location just right, from inception to design to final render. But the work that’s been put into each individual background doesn’t mean we’ve limited ourselves to a few key scenes. No: this project doubles, or maybe even triples, the number of locations of our most expansive projects to date.
You will begin your story in Swingmore, a small town in the middle of nowhere, and from there, you’ll travel through swamps, deserts, diverse forests, deadlands, and much more. Every environment will throw new enemies at you – from the desert-dwelling, scimitar-wielding goblins to acolytes with their magics and swordmasters… and that’s just in one place!

In the three available towns and in many hidden places throughout the game (a hut in the swamp, a tent in the desert,…), you’ll find characters to interact with, be it through trade, sprawling dialogs, intriguing quests, or…. Well, you remember what the game is about, don’t you? Yes, there’ll be plenty of that.


Simple doesn’t mean incomplete: looting defeated enemies and abandoned treasure, equipping yourself with armors, weapons, and assorted items to increase both your stats and chances, and, of course, combat. Don’t worry, the focus of the story will still be the erotic encounters, and we won’t bog you down with a cumbersome system, but you’ll still face many enemies, some of which you will overpower and some that will require a bit of cunning from you. Goblins, skeletons, zombies, and the like won’t stop you for long, but when you get to the trolls, wyverns, or other scaly threats… Well, that’s where the fun starts. Dragons, after all, think armor makes you crunchier.

HOROS monster slayer and lover of many Game Free Download

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