HEART of CROWN Online Free Download PC Game

HEART of CROWN Online Free Download PC Game

The great emperor’s untimely death…
Seven princesses are candidates for his succession!
Who will save the empire from chaos?

HEART of CROWN Online is a deck-building card game based on HEART of CROWN 2nd Edition, which was relaunched in 2022.

– System

  • A four-player turn-based game.
  • Use the money you earn from your estates to buy new lands and various action cards to advance your game.
  • Once you have enough resources, you’re ready to recruit the Princess! Every Princess has a powerful effect, but be careful, the early bird gets the worm.
  • Get the senators, dukes, and other influential people on your side, and when your “succession score” reaches 20 points, you will be crowned. The throne is yours.
  • Online cross-play support! Ranked matches and free matches are also available.

– Story

In a wild time when swords and magic still ruled the world, an empire had united the entire continent and ended a long war.
However, before the peace could be solidified, the great emperor fell ill,
without a successor in place……

If this continues, we could be back to a war-torn world!
You are one of the most powerful people in the empire. You must quickly establish the emperor’s throne and ensure the unity and peace of the continent.
The emperor had no male children, but fortunately, he had seven candidates to succeed him, including two princesses of direct descent.

Now, let’s get the princess of your dreams to ascend to the throne!

HEART of CROWN Online Free Download PC Game

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