Fall Minamo Free Download PC Game

Fall Minamo Free Download PC Game

This game is about you, Minamo-chan, being swept away by a waterfall.

Game Features

.The object of the game is to survive as long as possible, avoiding the attacks of the ferocious creatures that live in the waterfall.The longer you survive, the better your score, and you can enjoy a cute multi-ending based on your score.

There are only two basic controls. Even beginners can enjoy the game casually.
“Move”… Move left and right with the directional keys.
“Swim”… Swim as hard as you can to raise your stamina a little. If you run out of stamina, you can’t swim!

Leveling up is important to defend against progressively more intense attacks.
Collect Japanese confectionary to gain experience and strengthen your skills strategically.

What is Minamo-chan ?

Minamo-chan is a normal, cute girl who yearns to be an adult. She is unsociable, but she loves her friends.By nature, she is loved by all the water in the world.
Minamo-chan is prone to flooding because the water wants to be friends with Minamo-chan.

Fall Minamo Free Download PC Game

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