EXECUTE DADDY Game Free Download Latest Version

EXECUTE DADDY Game Free Download Latest Version

ーAbout the game
In this ADV game, you play the role of an administrator of the underworld who has lost his memory and body, and through executing criminals and comforting the deceased, he tries to regain his lost memory and body.
The criminals who come back to life after execution after execution are cute, and their executions are like a show.
Who is this mysterious sinner and why have you lost your memory and body? The answer to this mystery can be found beyond The show must go on! Now let’s get on with the show of executing the cutest sinners right away!

ーCharacter introductions
Administrator of the Underworld:.
You. You have lost your memory and your body, and you don’t know anything. But you are obliged to execute criminals and entertain the departed. The show must go on!

He may not seem young in real age, but he is strangely cute. He is undaunted no matter how many times he is executed. May have some kind of relationship with you.

I am a cute male dog person who pampers you unconditionally. Why he likes you is a mystery.

■ Execute the cutesy criminal with flair!
Execute execution commands to raise the soul points of the deceased.

■Explore and you’ll find out what it’s all about.
Explore this world that makes no sense and look for clues to the mystery.

EXECUTE DADDY Game Free Download Latest Version

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