Enatus Radi Free Download PC Game

Enatus Radi Free Download PC Game

Enatus Radi is a classic JRPG developed by Crazy Nirin and published by OTAKU Plan.


Sometimes she can be selfish, but no one would blame her. She has no memory
of her past. She also is the key character of the main story.

A normal adventurer. She gets involved in Ena’s journey because of her kindness.
She’s poker face and always in a low tension.

Her favorite thing is sleeping. She takes care of Ena, who lost her memory and
she seems to know something about Ena’s secret …

A soldier who likes cute things. She always acts like an older sister, and gets
scolded by Cielo every time she tries to do naughty things to other girls.


After the protagonist wakes up, he finds that he has lost his memory.The first girl he met named Ena also lost her memory. In order to find the reason
and the truth, they embarked on a journey to the world.
During their journey, they made acquaintances with companions with different
personalities, which also made this journey full of laughter and colorful


  • Classic turn-based battle JRPG
  • Unique skill trees
  • Weapon gacha system
  • Collect materials on the field
  • Multiple difficulty levels

Enatus Radi Free Download PC Game

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