Dreamland Defender Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

Dreamland Defender Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

The aliens have landed. Their finest ship just sailed in and carried away all your cows in a great green beam of light.

Now, facing the setting sun, you see the faulty alien armada warp in to attack. It’s an ambush.

Pick. Up. The. Gun.

This is a VIVE game doing it’s best to get your health to zero. While your adversary has all the advantage of future technology, you only have your western guns and some dynamite. And an umbrella, which may prove useful. It is not meant to be played on the easiest mode. But if your aim is bad, you have the option to stay in the shallow end.

Dreamland Defender for VIVE is an arcade-like cowboy western sci-fi game.
It is a lighthearted game that is easy to jump into and play, yet still difficult to master.

Fight to reclaim your abducted cows in this roomscale VIVE game. Make your way through the desert and the canyon and finally beat the flying saucer, that stole your cows. While keeping in mind, that in this game some of the enemy AI evolve their skillsets during play, and will get better at beating you as you progress.

You will need to turn, dodge and crouch to avoid attacks, while using the environment or simple things like the bullet deflecting umbrella to shield yourself from deadly plasma bullets. By fighting your way through the desert and down through a canyon full of ambushes and obstacles, you may be able to finally defeat the large flying saucer that stole your cows, and claim the title as the one and only Dreamland Defender.

Dreamland Defender.

Dreamland Defender Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

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