Doomsday Robot Girl Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

Doomsday Robot Girl Game Free Download Steam Unlocked


The post-war world was awful.

The harsh conditions and the repeated witnessing of the most twisted side of human nature could make even the most optimistic person lose the will to survive.

No one would believe it. With this in mind, I met Emma, a young girl who claimed to be a military robot. She asked to come with me and offered to give me everything she had.

Emma was a strange, with little common sense, always expressionless, and even said that sex was a way to relieve stress. She even initiated physical contact with me and said she was used to it…

What had she been through and what was she hiding?

After I spent some time with Emma, she gradually took on a different look. The sadness in Emma’s eyes was slowly revealed, and I began to enjoy her company, forgetting for a while that I was still in the middle of the doomsday.

Suffering was approaching, should we face it or escape? The physical and psychological choices that we had to make were difficult.

Could we really find hope in this desperate doomsday?

◆Gameplay Instructions

The game is a combination of exploration, basic combat and development simulation.
At the beginning of the day, the player can choose a place to “explore”, to “chat” with Emma, or go further with “physical contact” to increase interaction. As the days pass, more events can be triggered. Differences in Emma’s favorability and the player’s choices will lead to different futures.
Remember, the world is ruined. Your surroundings will always remind you when you accidentally forget.

◆Game Features

◇23 basic CGs, including more than 250 differentials
◇Game text: 100,000
◇One main female character and one secondary female character
◇Doomsday themed, survival and simulation style game
◇Gory, violent contents included
◇Game endings: 5 types

Doomsday Robot Girl Game Free Download Steam Unlocked

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