Divinum Free Download PC Game

Divinum Free Download PC Game

A group of researchers discovered traces of an ancient civilization on an unexplored island – and immediately launched full-scale research, requesting more volunteers. Among those volunteers was Fjor – a young researcher and the protagonist of the game.

As it turned out, it was nothing but a trap. The minds of the first group of researchers succumbed to the influence of an ancient creature, desperate for liberation – and human sacrifice.

While on the island, Fjor suddenly notices that she’s suddenly faster, stronger, and more agile than before – not to mention, an excellent sword-fighter! Puzzled by her sudden improvements, Fjor soldiers on through the ruins of the island, unknowing what awaits in her path.

  • A Northern Metroidvania

    Explore 7 of the game’s vast areas – from the labyrinths of caverns to the ruins of ancient cities – each filled with secrets, combat trials and collectables!

  • Intricate Combat System

    Dynamic combat, built around special attacks, predicting and reacting to enemy movement, and flashy, yet powerful combo attacks!

  • Obtain the Power of the Gods

    Multiple skill trees, each connected to one of the deities worshipped on the island. Each has its own strengths and desires – appease the Gods to harness their power.

Divinum Free Download PC Game

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