Disembowel Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

Disembowel Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

DISEMBOWEL is a cooperative horror game for 1-4 players. You are a reporter who travels around the world documenting the darkest secrets and mysteries that inhabit the planet. Prepare your camera, gather a team and start suffering.


Work together or alone for your survival. It will be just you and your camera in a terrifying experience that will take you to unknown limits, from where a few have managed to survive.

  • 1-4 player online co-op.
    Solve the most disturbing mysteries around the world. Gather your comrades with whom you work at the news agency, prepare the team and walk into the
  • Proximity voice chat.
    Suffer the terrifying experience of feeling your comrades screaming in the distance.


  • Dynamic difficulty.
    If you make your enemies angry, they will do anything to hunt you down.
  • Replayability.
    Make each game experience unique thanks to the replayability system, in which no tool will be in the same place as before.
  • Single player mode.
    Just you, your guts and your camera. Prepare to suffer.

Although the game is finished and fully playable, only the first level is available, as we are planing on releasing new levels in future free updates!

Disembowel Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

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