Demolition Pro Online Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

Demolition Pro Online Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

Take down buildings together with up to 3 other players! The demolition simulation with authentic construction machines, specialized demolition tools and real-life details and structures.

Jobs ranging from a small garage to high-rise buildings and a factory site. Collect recyclable parts and make sure the buildings collapse in a controlled way. Discover hidden valuables and use the water hose to reduce dust pollution.

Popular demolition tools like long-front excavators, sorting claws and concrete cutters can be used. There are also excavator buckets, hydraulic hammers, angle grinders and more.

Playing as a team or by yourself, the automatic server system allows you to interrupt and continue every job at any time.

Use the options to set your custom name and color for the construction machinery.

A variety of vehicles can be used, including medium and large hydraulic track excavators and a wheel excavator. Switch between any vehicle and tool that you need during the job.

Every building, including its interior and history, is based on real demolition sites. All kinds of structures and materials, like reinforced concrete, bricks and wood are included. Expirience different tasks like illegal demolition, a closed-down highway or a whole block of high-rise towers.


  • Authentic construction machines with realistic controls and cockpits: Track excavator small, track excavator large, long-front excavator, wheel excavator
  • Tools can be mounted to any vehicle: Buckets, concrete claw, sorting claw, hydraulic hammer
  • Switch job positions with your teammates automatically or manually on site
  • Smaller and large demolition jobs with many hours of play time and great replayability due to the open and free mission design
  • Job progress is automatically saved and missions can be reloaded and interrupted at any time
  • Recyclable parts can be separated and cashed in for extra rewards
  • 6 authentic demolition sites with unique challenges and surprises
  • Select your own character model, company color and name
  • Vehicles and tools can be modded and expanded by add-ons

Demolition Pro Online Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

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