DEAD SECOND Free Download PC Game

DEAD SECOND Free Download PC Game

Dead Second is an Action Arcade Cover Shooter featuring the ‘Dead Second’ bullet time reaction system with high fidelity impact physics reactions. Experience Intense shoot outs and gunplay unlike any game before it!

You’re a righteous ‘GUN FOR HIRE’ taking care of the CORRUPT and WICKED throughout the city.​

Governments have fallen into disarray, Corporations and Private Military Contractors rule the streets.​

Take on a series of ‘ASSIGNMENTS’ and make them pay!​

The ‘DEAD SECOND’ is a bullet time reaction system. ​

Defeating an enemy activates a momentary bullet time slow motion giving you a chance to dodge incoming enemy fire. Chaining a quick succession of takedowns boosts your Score, Time & Accuracy points.

Progress through the Ranks and unlock additional Guns & Cosmetics on your way to the top of the Leaderboards.

Featues native bHaptics support!

DEAD SECOND Free Download PC Game

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