CRT7 Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

CRT7 Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

An impossible object lost to time. An eerie basement with a worrying history. A seemingly innocent game begging to be played. That’s what greets you when the lift doors open and you stare into a room you’ve been trying to find for years. Just what happened down here? It’s your job to find out, but thankfully there is an old monitor glowing in the distance which looks like a good place to start.

Welcome to CRT7, an experimental puzzle game about power, obsession, and regret from the award-winning creator of SOLAS 128.

The core loop is simple:

1) Figure out how to play the arcade puzzle game(s)
2) Generate power to bring the room back to life
3) Explore and solve puzzles scattered about the room
4) ???


  • Procedurally generated music which reacts to how you play
  • A dark narrative about creation to piece together
  • One (1) fully rendered 3D room to explore
  • Over four (4) game modes to master
  • A state-of-the-art* in-game phone
  • Several LEDs and 7-seg displays

*for 2005


Amicable Animal – Developer & Designer
Luci Holland – Additional music & sound

CRT7 Free Download PC Game Steam Unlocked

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