CRAP Free Download PC Game

CRAP Free Download PC Game

Short and sweet

A card multiplay auto battler. Choose your hero. Choose a supporter and start searching for an enemy. Choose wisely between artifacts, status cards and weapons to defeat your opponent. Win the Best of 3 and get ranking points 😉

a bit longer 😉

There are characters with different stats and special effects.
There are different supporters that you take with you on your fights. Which support you once with your different abilities with a deficit of 2 points.
With your 5 points, choose between artifacts, status cards and weapons to equip your hero in the best possible and most specialized way.
Many artifacts have an improved form that is shuffled into the selection deck after selection.
After each round, things are equipped for your hero again until the game is over.
It ends with 3 wins or 3 losses.
Climb up the leaderboard and become the best.

what else is there?

– Collect crapies to unlock loot cards
– Exchange your found loot bones for hero card parts
– Swap your hero card pieces to unlock heroes or get crapies
– Find emblems and customize your profile
– Customize your supports in the locker room

CRAP Free Download PC Game

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