Barbershop Simulator VR Game Free Download Latest Version

Barbershop Simulator VR Game Free Download Latest Version

Become the best Barber in town! With advanced hair interactions, wash, cut and style hair to give your customers the look they deserve. Get a detailed score for what you do from a powerful evaluation system. Decorate your shop to match your own style. Upgrade your shop by purchasing appliances or tools that will make your customers happier. Keep your shop and tools clean to maintain a good hygiene score.


  • Realistic hair interaction system
  • Hair Washing
  • Evaluation System
  • In game purchasing portal that lets you customize and expand your barbershop (using in-game money)
  • Coffee brewing and serving
  • Sandbox mode only for practicing without hurting your shop’s rating

Advanced hair interactions that lets you accurately brush, trim, shave and color customers’ hair to match their requests.

Decorate and customize almost every color and texture in the barbershop to make it your own.

Purchase appliances, tools and expansions to unlock new mechanics to make your job easier and also give your customers the best experience.

Becomes a magician! by purchasing the magic wand, you’ll be able to revert back the hair to undo mistakes!

Maintain your barbershop by regularly cleaning your tools and hiring cleaners to deep clean the shop to get higher hygiene rating and a higher tip!

Barbershop Simulator VR Game Free Download Latest Version

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