Aza Game Free Download Latest Version

Aza Game Free Download Latest Version

Game summary of plot
Lost and trapped in a dark pocket dimension, a boy with low self esteem, high anxiety and overwhelming fear finds himself attempting to fend off dark creatures that feed off the negative emotions of others. The boy, known as Zend, suffers from his own dark emotions and nearly gives up when he meets a girl named Aza, who not only empowers him physically to fight off the creatures in the dark but also gives him the mental motivation that he lacks to be able to stand up to his own demons. Others are also trapped in this twisted dark realm, why were they all brought here? Will Zend be able to save those trapped in the dark end or let alone himself? Who is Aza?

Get hooked in the deep anime story of a boy growing out of his anxious, low confidence mind set thanks to the encouragement and powers given to him by a girl engrossed in mystery. They are not alone however! There’s others out there in the corners of the darkness, just as trapped and fighting for their own survival, when players feel the urge to diverge from the main objectives, taking the time to find others and experiencing their own storyline and interactions with Zend, helping them will prove to be rewarding in various ways.

Between the hack n slash elements, the combo building beat-em-up style, and the bits of customization players will be experiencing a blend between skill based action and choice based rpg leveling and customization. Options between what types of abilities the player would like to use and improve on (Ex. Defense options, dodging abilities, etc). There’s a build for everyone, whether you’re someone that needs more defense options or a player that feels the best defense is the best offense, there’s a build out there for you.

The combat is fast paced real time action, where players have to manage fighting against enemies with a range of different abilities and traits. Finding the best methods of defeating these enemies using the customizable skills and abilities is the main part of the game play. Finding new ways to chain combos, adapt new playstyles or perfect their favorites is highly encouraged.

Discover and solve puzzles off the path of main objectives to unveil hidden areas with secrets within the shadows of the Dark End. Many rewards and unexpected events can be expected.

Aza Game Free Download Latest Version

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