Approval Free Download PC Game

Approval Free Download PC Game

A new sensation! Real-time roguelike!

Approval tower “Aprival” that everyone dreams of breaking through
The Monono monory is
Using the tower of approval that suddenly appeared in the village
Develop a village!

Anime style graphics
And enjoy it with a cool sound.

The shape of the stage changes each time you enter

Automatically generated random dungeon!

It’s a big game that you can easily play!
Even beginners can easily and enjoyably play!

・ Even if you are killed, you can retry immediately! !!

・Only the left stick, A button, and LR button can be operated!

・ The level is reset every time, so you can enjoy it as many times as you like!

・The dungeon is a completely random system that changes shape each time you challenge it.

・ If you clear the dungeon, the village will develop!

・ Reliable even for beginners, weapon strengthening and item gacha system!

・ When you get better, it will be fun!

Approval Free Download PC Game

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