AdventureQuest Worlds Unity Free Download PC Game

AdventureQuest Worlds Unity Free Download PC Game

An anything-goes fantasy MMORPG!

AdventureQuest Worlds: Unity is the anything-goes fantasy MMORPG. The game will grow under your Hero’s feet as you play with weekly updates, absolutely crazy story-lines, and the freedom to play and be whatever your adventure-filled heart desires.

We rebuilt AdventureQuest Worlds

“This ain’t yer great grand-pappy’s AdventureQuest Worlds…”
Yup. We are rebuilding the the game from the ground up. As you read this, we are still neck deep in the process of converting or rebuilding every map, monsters, armor, item, and cutscene from the original game. This new version runs at 60+ frames per second on pretty much any modern device… and by device, we mean ANY DEVICE. Because AdventureQuest Worlds: Unity is cross-platform! Log in with your existing hero from the original web game, or create a new one. Play with your friends on the same server no matter which device they are playing from.


  • Updated weekly with new stuff!
  • 10,000+ Items (Once we convert them… of course,)
  • 100+ Classes (We need to convert those too O_O)
  • Login with your existing AdventureQuest Worlds account! (…and still have all your gear that was converted.)
  • Cross-Platform (Everyone can log into the same world regardless of device)
  • 13 Lords of Chaos Storyline (Being re-mastered & re-built)
  • Special Guest Events
  • …there are a lot of new features O_O. (Will update this list with more for you later!)

AdventureQuest Worlds Unity Free Download PC Game

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